About - Aft-Photography

Hi there, my name is Ashley and I am a professional photographer located in Charlottesville, Va.  If I only had 30 seconds to tell you what you needed to know about me; what would I say? I wouldn’t waste it telling you about my love for action movies, my fear of spiders, or that I am a computer/gadget nerd, I would spend it telling you about my love for the Lord, my love for my family and friends, I would also probably mention my love for sweets (yup, I am slightly addiction to desserts). I am so incredibly thankful that God has placed photography in my life. It is truly a blessing that each day I get to get up and do a job that I absolutely love. I would love to get to know you and your story! Send me an email using the contact form or ashley@aftphotography.com to book a session!

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